The Creative Design Process

Using the Single Source Design-Build Method, every member of Wade Landscape Design (masons, landscape specialists, project managers, trade workers and designers) work together as a unified team focused on bringing the client’s dreams to life. The Single-Source Method ensures the highest level of quality and communication from conception to completion. Our designers and project managers develop a close working relationship with the client to ensure we meet all their expectations. Every client is an essential part of our team; they are involved throughout the entire project, from design to construction to maintaining the landscape after.

Singe Source Advantages

  • The homeowner is an essential member of our team.
  • Eliminates design changes and unnecessary construction drawings that come with additional design fees.
  • A unified team solves problems together without conflict.
  • A single source of communication, management, and coordination ensures the highest level of quality from conception to completion.
  • Teamwork ensures better cooperation between designers and installers.
  • Single source schedule management makes life easier for everyone on the team, including you.
  • Every member of the team is focused on bringing the client’s dreams to life.

How It Works

First, contact us to schedule your initial consultation with one of our designers. The designer will meet with you, discuss your goals and expectations, and evaluate your property. Then our team will prepare a proposal that outlines the design specifications and cost. Once this proposal is accepted, the design process begins.

Every project starts with a vision that’s based on your dreams and desires. A conceptual plan, custom to your property, puts your vision on paper for you to review and discuss. The conceptual plan is not detailed, and changes can be made.  From there we develop the master landscape plan to present to you with a detailed cost analysist. Once the contract is signed, we get to work bringing your outdoors to life!